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Arabic Lefends Al-Istakhri

Al-Istakhri, who flourished about the year A.D. 951, obtained his name from Istakhar (_i.e._, Persepolis), where he was born. He was a traveller whose geographical work has been translated into German by Mordtmann.
When Istakhari was in the Indus Valley he met another celebrated traveller, Ibn Haukul, whose book Sir William Ouseley translated in A.D. 1800 into English, under the title of 'The Oriental Geography of Ibn Haukul.

' Haukul, who died A.D. 976, had travelled for nearly twenty-eight years in the countries of Islam with the works of Ibn Khordabeh and Jeihani in his hands, and his work, which bears the generally approved title of 'Highways and Countries,' is based on the book of Istakhri.